The Travel of Your Dreams

Rest comfortably through the nite in your own large private bed as we safely transport you to your destination. With air ride suspension and clean comfortable bedding, the trip will roll by like a dream, magically arriving rested and free from the stresses of airports, airport security, or bumper-to-bumper traffic.


Great Service

Our pick-up and drop-off points are located at city hub transport public free parking lots, allowing easy access to and from Niteliner. Our # 1 goal is stress-free, safe service. All beds are pre-booked and assigned so no need to hurry up and wait. Our staff will load your luggage on site, provide a short safety video, and make sure you are settled into your bed. Compare the stress of flying. We have a better way.


Unbelievable Comfort

Our Nite liners are custom-purpose built with so much more privacy and comfort than ANY other type of public transportation. We choose routes that allow us more than enough time to get you from A-B with no need to rush or hurry. This relaxed, smooth, quiet, private environment will allow you to save your valuable waking hours and be magically transported through the nite.


NITE Liner


Transportation Center Phone: 214-296-9170
Pick-up/Drop-off Location:
Near Hyway 75 North & Park Lane Train Station
7001 Twin Hills Ave
Dallas, TX 75231


Transportation Center Phone: 713-489-7699
Pick-up/Drop-off Location:
Maxey Park and Ride
Near Hyway 10 East
515 Maxey Road
Houston, TX 77013