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We make traveling a dream

Niteliner introduces the ultimate in city to city travel with our exclusive custom designed and purpose built sleepers. We transport you while you sleep in our safe, comfortable, personal beds. Our luxury transport unit loads at approximately 11PM and through the night we safely deliver you to your destination, saving you time, money, and stress. Introductory route between Dallas & Houston @ just $ 69, expanding to multiple routes between major cities all over the continental USA.
Dallas Transportation Center: 214-296-9170
Houston Transportation Center: 713-489-7699
Each Niteliner sleeper allows you to choose your individual private bed in 1st, 2nd, or economy class. Classes will depend on size and location just like an airliner. Our sleepers are custom built with commercial chassis vehicle affording the ultimate in transport safety, comfort, and reliability. Because these transport units are custom purpose built, the room and amenities (large bathrooms, kitchenette, entertainment, and WiFi), are unmatched, and with new sleepers coming online quarterly, added features are always upcoming.
Niteliner is a rebranding of Sleeperbus which has been providing charter transport services for professional sports and entertainment groups for many years. The reliability and positive experience of our thousands of riders has pushed us to provide this ultimate means of transport to the general public. See PowerhouseCoach.com, our manufacturing company that has been custom building high end RV and commercial use coaches for 20+ years (Many have seen us on national TV shows or on YouTube). Both Powerhouse and Niteliner are family owned and operated businesses and will provide you the service and attention you deserve.
Ride with us and SAVE the fuss.
Pass the word and email register with us to receive introductory pricing discounts as our site comes fully on line for bookings open in the first quarter of 2018. Also, make sure and follow us on Facebook  and Instagram for exclusive social media incentives and contests, and up to the minute info about new custom transport routes!
Doug Tolbert Pres/Owner Powerhouse Sleeperbus @ Niteliner


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