NiteLiner Q&A

Niteliner Travel is nothing like what you experience in a plane or sit-down bus.

Q: How long will the trip between Houston and Dallas take?

A: We travel at slower speeds 55-60 Mph to add a higher layer of safety and give you a nice quiet ride and time for a good sleeping experience. Travel time will be 5 to 5.5 hours.
Because we travel through the night we expect no traffic jam delays.

Q: What time does the Niteliner depart and arrive?

A: We will start loading at 11PM and depart at 11:30PM, arriving at 4:30 to 5 AM. Riders can continue to sleep until 6AM unloading time.

Q: What restrictions do I have for luggage?

A: Essentially none within reason. The Custom Bus has massive heavy-duty steel storage bays and can accommodate a large amount of luggage or other items our passengers need to transport. Should you feel you have more than ordinary travel items, please advise us once you book so we can advise our staff to assist you.

Q: What should I plan to wear on the trip?

A: Whatever you are comfortable in, many passenger wear sweats or change into something more comfortable in our large restroom once aboard the bus.

Q: How do I get into the upper beds?

A: The bus is equipped with ladders and our attendant is able to assist you at any time.

Q: How do I get the attendant's attention without waking other passengers?

A: Each bed is equipped with a call light in the center walkway, like an airplane the attendant will see your light and come to assist you with any needs.

Q: Do I have to sleep or remain in my private bed during the trip?

A: NO. You may certainly sit, work, talk, and do as you please in the front cabin area with seating for 6-8

Q: Do I have to stand in the walkway, like in an airplane, waiting to use the restroom?

A: NO. There is a 3-4 person sofa near the entry where you can sit down.

Q: What amenities do I have in my private bed?

A: Each 1st Class, 2nd Class, and all but Two Economy class beds below 1st class have the following:

  1. Clean, custom-made microfiber sheet with blanket and pillow
  2. Reading light
  3. Call light to signal attendant for assistance
  4. Home-type 110-volt power outlet to charge devices
  5. Privacy bed curtain to separate you from other passengers

Q: What is the difference between 1st, 2nd, and Economy class beds?

A: Size and locations

  1. 1st Class are wider and have more vertical height allowing a larger person to sit fully up in bed
  2. 2nd Class are the beds that are easy to get in as they are at a middle vertical height from the floor and ceiling. A great option for those who are not a physically able to get into the upper beds or floor level beds.
  3. Economy Class is recommended for those who are younger and more able to get up high or down low.

Q: Can I take my pet?

A: Sorry, no. We are not set up for pets.

Q : Are young children allowed?

A: Yes, within reason. As long as they do not disturb other passengers (we recommend one adult per child under the age of 5). Because this is a very homie feel in the private bed kids should do great. A family could book the private rear room sleeping six for their family and/or group.

Q: Can the Niteliner be booked for a party bus?

A: No. We accommodate those who want to sleep through the night, not party (intoxication is not allowed on the bus). Many have told us MegaBus horror stories. We work hard to keep this a safe quiet place to travel and avoid stress.

Q: Can a group ride the Niteliner?

A: YES. A group or business can book the 6 bed rear cabin or more to accommodate their group. (We insist that the group be respectful and quiet so that all may sleep during the trip.

Q: Are there discounts for repeat riders?

A: Yes, join our NiteLiner Luxury Club

Q: How to I get to the pick-up and/or from the drop-off location?

A: We carefully considered these locations and placed them in or VERY near public transport hubs that provide free parking and transport to downtown or wherever you need to go in each city.

Q: Will I be charged to park my car?

A: NO. Both locations have free parking for your vehicles.

Q: Does the Niteliner have a smooth ride?

A: YES, on decent highway roads and especially at the slower speeds. Even slower through construction or rough road sections, our ALL AIR RIDE Niteliner will allow you to comfortably sleep. Our drivers are specially trained to give passengers the ultimate gradual smooth riding experience. Drivers are even trained on the best highway lanes to use, and, because we travel at Nite on empty highways, we are able to accomplish this with flying colors.